GruntX Shooting Glasses – MIL SPEC Safety Glasses – CLEAR SINGLE PAIR


Top-quality, form-fitting, comfortable shooting glasses that can double as everyday safety glasses. This is ONE pair of black composite framed glasses with crystal clear lenses with a MIL-PRF-32432 rating: the best on the planet for ballistic resistance in a pair of mainstream glasses. Absolute protection at a fraction of the competitor’s pricing.


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GruntX Shooting Glasses – MIL SPEC Safety Glasses – CLEAR SINGLE PAIR


These are a pair of safety glasses that will last a long time. They look great and they exceed most competitors by a significant margin in safety and capabilities thanks to the dual MIL-PRF-32432 and ANSI Z87+ ratings. This means with the clear lens, the utilitarian glasses can easily serve as shooting glasses at the range, but also while grinding, or cutting, or driving nails, or sanding, or supervising. It doesn't matter what task you need stamped, proven glasses, these will fit the bill. They also look good doing it.

The way the specifications work for the MIL-PRF 32432 is tricky. It's not just about the lenses. Sure, they need to be very good quality with high impact resistance, but the frame has to meet a ton of requirements, and the overall package needs to meet even more requirements to be issued the rating.

And as far as ANSI Z87/+ goes, it's a great standard, but it's not even close to as rigorous as the Mil-Spec rating. More information below.

These glasses proudly display both.

You can read more about the brand elsewhere on our website, here: GruntX brand page


A nylon reinforced frame (chassis) holds lenses properly to reduce impact penetration potential. It's still lightweight but gives the necessary flexibility and slim good looks. The polymer is double-shot injected to improve gripping surfaces like the nose pads and temple areas. When you're sweating and moving, they don't.

Crystal clear means zero distortion and nothing to distract you when you need to keep your eyes safe and retain perfect visual acuity.

About the MIL-PRF 32432 specification:

The Military specification is freakish. This is a standard that needs to be understood at the base level before you buy a pair of safety or shooting glasses. Among the difficult to meet parameters to secure a rating credential, are the following (we are only covering the impact and obvious safety aspects - there are hundreds of points of qualification):

  • The lens must be positioned to minimized dust and debris entry - that means close enough to the face and covering a large area around the eyes as well as being positioned to minimized potential airborne threats.
  • Dimensions must meet sizing standards
  • Chemical and flammability resistance on all parts
  • Impact resistance standard: A T-37 shaped projectile that weighs 5.85 grains and is measured at .15 caliber is launched at 650 ft/second; the impact must not unseat the lens, or cause a failure (this is for Class 1 glasses-type eye protection)
  • Strict abrasion resistance testing
  • Stringent anti-fog standards

There are also a handful of other testing procedures to ensure that humidity, UV exposure, and extreme temperatures cannot negatively affect the glasses. The previous standard was named MIL-PRF-31013 - it is no longer in effect and was replaced by 32432.

You can read the full document for the MIL-PRF-32432 here.


About the ANSI Z87/+ specification:

From an impact perspective, the ANSI z87.1 which includes the z87+ specification includes:

  • Dropping a 500 gram weight in a specific shape profile from 50 inches high
  • shooting a 1/4" ball bearing at 100 mph at 6 different areas on the lens
  • A needle with weight behind it is dropped to test penetration

There are also a host of other sub-classifications that may include tinting for welding, or for dust resistance. For the purposes of this product (*clear lens with already improved dust mitigation), those are not included in the above section.