We offer several different podcasts for those interested in the firearms industry or affiliated areas. You can find our podcasts listed below by release time/date – they are clearly labeled with the content and have a small description of the content on a whole. The topics covered in this podcast series are diverse, but topic specific. What does that mean? It means you may hear industry news, product information, shooting tips, political news, second amendment legislative notices, and the like. You will hear only things related to the general topics we cover – but they will not be laser-focused. We don’t do podcasts on a single topic or specific part of the market, though, you may find each individual podcast could devote a larger amount of time to a specific topic within the category.


Generally we cover industry content, including practical conversations about affiliated techniques, gear, ideologies and topics in the news about the shooting industry, the second amendment focused political arena and the such. Hopefully by reading the description for each podcast you can see which individual episodes apply to your areas of interest. We will strive to segment out different audio portions of podcasts that cover a specific topic adequately in that topic arena on the website, as well.


AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Many of our individual articles, reviews, and pieces of content are available to be downloaded as audio if you prefer that to reading the content. To access this audio content, navigate to the specific page and look for a box or link to the audio version for that page or post.

You can access all podcast episodes at this Link: THE GUN PODCAST

The Gun Podcast – A long-format show that goes down the rabbit hole on Guns/Firearms and 2nd Amendment related topics

The Gun Podcast - Ballistics & Stopping Power