The Second Amendment wouldn’t have helped anything in Afghanistan.

Someone on Reddit said that the Second Amendment is something that could have prevented the situation in Afghanistan. I made this comment as a result of that comment. Not even to the person who made the comment but in a “related” post. As a freedom loving Second Amendment advocate who believes that without the Second Amendment we could be in trouble, I am also a realist. Afghani people don’t care about the Second Amendment, in fact they don’t care for style western democracy, even if you know, rightly so, that the USA is not a democracy – it’s a Federated Republic of States.

I think my commentary makes sense here too:

“No. No. No. No. No.

The goat herders whooped the Russians. Not the Taliban.

The goat herders then whooped us Viet Nam style for 20 years, and just stayed outside the cities, which were protected by High Speed, Low Drag absolute operators for 2 decades. Not the Taliban.

The premise here that only a handful are grasping is that the country favors the Taliban to the other potential ruling parties. THAT is the reason Kabul has fallen. It only takes a majority of supporters that look the other way for a group of bad people to gain control. The hearts and minds aren’t won by flashy visions of democracy – they are lulled into submission by the chance to avoid their family being wiped off the planet by tyrants.

If you think for a second that Afghans cannot go to the local market and trade a goat for two AK’s some ammunition and some bakelite magazines you are mistaken. Afghanistan is the country you go to when you’re gun obsession is limited by the Second Amendment. It’s a literal free-for all there. You can buy an AK on the corner for a few dollars, and a township for the dowry of some citrus tree limbs and your underachieving little sister.

You forget there are no rules because their people have absolute freedom. Imagine having a life so shitty, and still being able to garner the nutsac to defend your mud hut and your field of dust with your life from every infidel army that spends more than a billion dollars on a jet.

Since the sun shone on the poppy flower and the CIA decided it was a good idea to try to win hearts and minds in a place that destroyed and bankrupted Russia, this has been a place that cares not about rules and instead cares only about the shred of pride they still have intact. I assure you somewhere there is a true believer training when you are too cold, and too tired and too worn out – because this is their life – not their paycheck.

The Second Amendment? Lol. They don’t care about that. There are no amendments there, because no one has been stupid enough to try to organize the country’s people until the Taliban pushed this year.


Convince me I’m wrong – submit your comments to me here. Happy to see other viewpoints and display them if they have reasoned, well thought out concepts.