If you’re worried about Joe Biden on Gun Control you aren’t keeping your eye on the ball

You can forget the gaffs made by Joe Biden. In fact if you believe he is incompetent to serve as the Chief Executive of the country, you can forget that too. The danger isn’t in what Joe messes up on, it’s in what he is crystal clear about. He knows exactly what he wants regarding guns. The crazy thing here isn’t Joe – it’s that the gun control advocates have never hidden their agenda. 

This past week has seen new proposed anti Second Amendment legislation that seeks to add mainstream, widely available previously unregulated semi automatic rifles that accept a detachable magazine to the extreme NFA rulings. 

The NFA 

The NFA for those that aren’t familiar with it, is regulation enacted in the bloody aftermath of Al Capone’s 1930’s street war, which sought to define different firearms and make certain variants of firearms and accessories illegal. In short it ended up being a civilian ownership ban on weapons considered to be overpowered. The basic result was that machine guns, short barreled rifles and shotguns, suppressors/silencers and destructive devices (1968) became tightly regulated and effectively banned on a wide scale basis. 

Later amendments and additions, most notably through the 1968 “Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968″ more tightly controlled other items including AOW’s (any other weapons). 

The 1986 regulations all but ended the opportunity for private citizens of all walks of life from owning any type of weapon previously included in the 1934 or 1968 legislation. It effectively banned any new production “machine guns” and parts which could “transform” a regular firearm into an automatic firearm. 

H.R. 4953 – the beginning of the end of gun rights, if you cannot see what it’s catalyzing

Here we are today, in one of the (objectively) safest periods of time in all of history, and we are mulling banning the most mainstream long guns on the planet. 

In a Democrat controlled house and senate, it’s not surprising that such a piece of legislation could get mainstream attention, and even consideration in the Congress. But this is not a “Democrat versus Republican” thing. It’s a “bad for everyone” thing. It’s not even likely to pass, but it sets a dangerous precedent. 

We’ve seen it for years, especially at the individual state levels, where legislation is introduced that is so far extreme on the gun control side of things that they will never pass, and then the narrative is set in stone. The general public doesn’t want that type of legislation to pass, but it will accept a more moderate proposal, because it isn’t as extreme now, by comparison. And therein lies the problem. We allow “moderate” legislation to be considered and ultimately pass in a democrat controlled body of legislators because it’s not as bad as what was previously proposed. The slippery slope starts.

David Chipman – The boogeyman or just a convenient extremist to get the real target installed?

Take for example David Chipman. And forget all about the racist comments that he likely participated in. That’s a distraction in a world that values a quick public shaming more than a thorough check on a nominee’s credentials and biases. 

Chipman isn’t fit to serve as the full-time ATF director. For poor management decisions made in the past; for poor judgment in general when it comes to upholding constitutional rights, and mostly because he wears his intentions on his sleeve and they even go against the tenets of the organization he presumes to lead in the future. 

Let’s just point out the fact that he is in the Executive Management of one of the most progressive gun control organizations on the planet (Senior Policy Advisor at the Gifford organization). And it’s not just “progressive” in the sense of politics necessarily, it’s progressive in the sense that they legitimately make forward progress on gun control, not just exhale hot air about it. This organization does not give up on gun control efforts. He basically heads them – he certainly decides their direction. 

The problem with this bill is that it doesn’t get airtime. In some quasi-coordinated effort to avoid public discussion about it, the media, which would normally highlight such progressive potential legislation, has been silent. The only place you can find the bill currently is a bit on social media and on the GovTrack website that shows the origination of legislation. You can view the proposed bill here: [H.R. 4953]

Hardcore gun control figureheads are Conveniently playing the silent game about banning semi auto magazine fed rifles using the NFA structure (I.R.C. ch. 53)

Not one of the co-sponsoring congressional representatives has made a press release or public announcement yet either. All of that silence seems to go against the grain for people who normally will try to grab the limelight for inconsequential things if it means some airtime. 

Among those cosponsors of the bill (called H.R. 4953) are as follows:

DEM Ted Deutch [D-FL22] – Primary Sponsor of H.R. 4953

DEM André Carson [D-IN7] – Original Cosponsor of H.R. 4953

DEM Jim Cooper [D-TN5] – Original Cosponsor of H.R. 4953

DEM Mark DeSaulnier [D-CA11] – Original Cosponsor of H.R. 4953

DEM Mondaire Jones [D-NY17] – Original Cosponsor of H.R. 4953

DEM Alan Lowenthal [D-CA47] – Original Cosponsor of H.R. 4953

DEM Jamie Raskin [D-MD8] – Original Cosponsor of H.R. 4953

DEM Debbie Wasserman Schultz [D-FL23] – Original Cosponsor of H.R. 4953

DEM Nikema Williams [D-GA5] – Original Cosponsor of H.R. 4953

Expect more of the usual suspects to sign on if it gains any steam over the next several weeks and months. 

Given the congressional control and the pet project status of gun control legislation in general, the house and senate leadership (Pelosi and Schumer) could very easily create a lot of buzz around this bill and eventually put it to a vote should it grab momentum. 

Will House Resolution 4953 pass? Probably not. But that’s really not the issue. Because people don’t like what they are hearing on the news. It’s an environment where race relations and pandemic headlines are annoying to hear about considering how modern a society we live in.  In that environment it’s easy to pile on the rhetoric about school shootings and mass shootings, and background checks, etc. and get something lesser in the arena of gun control, passed easily. 

They never tell you what they really want, even if they represent people who vehemently oppose their actions in congress

The Joe Manchin’s of the world cannot resist voting for legislation as long as it isn’t seen as overtly extreme. And this is a guy who represents a vastly pro-gun constituency. Forget about trying to see a year of no Federal Second-Amendment-degrading legislation being passed. The Gun control advocates have upped their game.

Politics is a dirty game, no doubt, but this one stinks to high heaven. Joe Biden doesn’t even need to be any kind of a mouthpiece. With or without him, the established string pullers will get their gun control. Like Joe, hate Joe, he is inconsequential. He is a meat puppet of the highest order. Sure he wants your guns and mine. Sure, he seems like he’s lost it. 

But that’s just part of the show. Gun control measures are coming until we vote out gun control lovers. Establishment has gotten emboldened by being able to enact 2A eroding legislation in states all around this country. Every representative is too scared to lose their salary and comfortable job to vote the right way to uphold the Constitution.

The ever-tightening grip that gun controllers are gaining over 2A freedoms is a direct result of the push a lot, take a little mentality that can easily be used in a mob mentality scenario. The gun control advocates have perfected this methodology.

No one wants to see school shootings. But this has never truly been about protecting children, has it?

No one wants to see school shootings. Not the most 2A supportive, hardcore conservatives want dead children at the end of a gun. But when the court of public opinion is what takes away the freedoms, this type of progressive whittling away of gun rights will continue happening. 

How does the Second Amendment Survive the constant onslaught by gun controllers?

What can you do? Vote out anti-gun representatives. Period. This is a single issue vote, period. You can be pro choice and still be pro 2A. You can be pro LGBTQ+ and still know that the Second Amendment secures every single one of your other rights. You can be anti-racism and pro gun. Guns were the difference between civil rights centric massacres that were never able to happen in times when people were unfairly persecuted because of the color of their skin – but could still get access to guns to defend themselves. 

You can be pro-Cryptocurrency and be pro Second Amendment. It’s about freedoms ultimately, and when you erode the stop loss of the Second, shortly thereafter, the first and the others are all at risk. It can happen faster than we understand. It’s been happening little by little for more than 80 years.

You can even be pro-equitable policing and pro-gun. In fact if you claim to be pro-equitable policing, or even more extreme on that issue, then you SHOULD be pro-2A! If the police are the only ones with firearms, then how will that promote equitable policing? 

One might argue that this is the ONLY single issue vote that matters because the concept of the Second Amendment is that it is the means by which all other freedoms are potentially protected – from foreign or domestic tyrants.