Loosened gun laws remain unaffected by Police disapproval 

  • Republican lawmakers in the states of Texas, Louisiana, and Tennessee are opposed by police officers who are against the push to loosen gun laws
  • The latest push is for gun laws to drop requirements for people to receive background checks and training before carrying handguns in public
  • With increasing gun violence across the U.S., some law enforcement agencies have difficulty managing spikes and believe stricter gun requirements will help solve the issue – Many of these organizations vocally oppose more gun-friendly legislation

Medical requirement hinders gun safety law in Maine according to gun control advocates

  • New legislation has introduced a process in which police will temporarily confiscate firearms from people who are in danger of hurting themselves or others
  • Unlike other states, Maine’s “yellow flag” law requires a medical practitioner to sign off on the request for law enforcement to confiscate firearms from these types of individuals
  • Since the law has taken effect in July 2020, many hospitals have refused to perform evaluations as they are concerned about retaliation against employees

Minnesota State fair sued by group wanting the right to carry guns

  • On August 10, a gun owners group sued the Minnesota State Fair and Ramsey County and demanded that permit holders be allowed to carry handguns on the fairgrounds 
  • The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus argues that the fair’s ban on weapons violates the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms

Bill to end Sheriff-gated gun permits reviewed by North Carolina Senate

  • On August 10, North Carolina lawmakers pushed legislation that would cancel the state’s mandate for residents to obtain a permit from the local sheriff before a handgun purchase
  • The bill must clear one last committee before reaching the Senate floor but is likely to be vetoed by the Democratic Governor Roy Cooper

New gun legislation seeks to lower concealed carry age to 18 in Wisconsin

  • New legislation introduced by Republican lawmakers would decrease firearms restrictions in the state of Wisconsin by lowering the minimum age to 18 
  • Additionally, the new legislation would allow permit holders to have guns in vehicles on school grounds but requires that the vehicle be locked and the firearms out of sight

Gun shows are now banned from state facilities in New Mexico

  • The State of New Mexico will no longer allow gun shows at some state-run facilities and The New Mexico Gun Collectors Association has been given verbal notice that their October show will be canceled this year
  • New Mexico Legislature has not yet adopted legislation prohibiting such events on all state property but they will no longer be allowed by EXPO New Mexico