Bid to block Nevada Ghost Gun Ban in Nevada is denied by Federal Judge

  • A Nevada law that bans the possession and manufacture of guns that don’t have serial numbers is allowed by a federal judge
  • The judge was not convinced that the measure has actually violated Second Amendment Rights or the Fifth Amendment ban on government seizure of property

Colorado Officers arrested and under investigation after brutal arrest of a felon

  • On 7/27/2021 two Colorado Police officers from Aurora have been arrested after video shows one of the officers brutally hurting a man he was attempting to arrest by choking and threatening him
  • The second officer was arrested as authorities say she failed to stop the other officer as required by the new police accountability law

Connecticut gun permit fingerprinting case has been overturned by Court

  • On July 28, 2021, a lower court order issued last year that made Connecticut continue the fingerprinting for gun permit applicants has been overturned by a federal appeals court
  • Six Plaintiffs that sought gun permits and the Connecticut Citizens Defense League have sued Governor Ned Lamont saying their Second Amendment rights were violated due to the suspension of fingerprinting services 
  • The court said that the claims of the six plaintiffs were debatable as fingerprinting resumed and the defense league did not have legal standing

Felon-in-possession law in Colorado is changed by lawmakers 

  • In revising Colorado’s felon-in-possession law, lawmakers blocked same misdemeanor offenders from buying guns but allowed for some felons to own them
  • After the mass shooting at a Boulder King Soopers, Colorado lawmakers passed a bill that barred people convicted of certain misdemeanor crimes from purchasing a firearm for a 5 year minimum
  • When the law was revised, a measure was also passed that loosened the state’s prohibition on firearm possession by felons who pleaded guilty or were convicted of crimes like theft, drug offenses, or criminal impersonation, to own a firearm

Federal prosecutors for Kansas City organize workarounds in new Missouri gun law

  • A new Missouri gun law that blocks local assistance in some federal firearms cases has led Kansas City Federal prosecutors to find a way to force their testimony
  • The prosecutors have told authorities that they will issue subpoenas to force their testimony in federal gun cases when their cooperation is needed

Gun control group’s challenge to Second Amendment sanctuary rule is rejected by Oregon court

  • A case that challenged the rationality of two gun-rights measures passed by local voters in the past few years has been dismissed by an Oregon county judge
  • According to the Columbia County Spotlight, the Oregon Attorney General and lawyers from Everytown for Gun Safety filed in court opposing the two measures and argued that they violated federal and state laws

Sandy Hook victim’s families are offered $33 million from gun maker

  • After the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting took place, some of the victim’s families entered a legal battle with the maker of a rifle used in the crime
  • As presented by the now-bankrupt gun maker, Remington Arms, the company would pay out over $33 million in a settlement which would distribute about $3.7 million to each family