Canada has failed to help residents understand the new Mandatory Gun Confiscation Laws

  • The firearms confiscation program announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on May 1, 2020, is supposedly going to integrate some sort of compensation or “buyback”
  • Currently, there is a limited time amnesty that allows owners of the formerly lawful firearms allowing the citizens to own them until April 30, 2022
  • The Canadian government has failed to indicate the exact costs of this “buyback” program with a range of CAD $47 million to as much as $756 million
  • The number of eligible firearms for this mandatory surrender is also unknown as the estimates are around 150,000 to 518,000 firearms

Antigun Education Officials to send large settlement Student’s families in court case

  • In September of 2020, an Elementary student named Ka’Mauri Harrison was suspended for having a BB gun visible while the student was online schooling while another student also experienced a similar incident
  • The federal court suits specifically cited violations of the students’ rights to freedom of expression, to bear arms, and to due process of law
  • At the beginning of this month (July), the Harrison family received a $92,500 settlement and the Brown family received a $72,500 settlement