San Jose Media, Gun control Lobby, and Local government group together to fight freedoms

  • The gun control lobby, Media, and Local government have all worked together to heavily restrict the right to bear arms in the San Jose area
  • Despite the gun control measures not having approval yet, gun control activists and the media celebrate the supposed enactment of stricter gun control in San Jose
  • According to an article published by NBC Bay Area on June 16, they title their article “San Jose City Leaders Approve Sweeping New Gun Control Measures”

New York state now has series of bills targeting firearms sales and making gun makers liable

  • On July 6, the Governor of the state of New York Andrew Cuomo signed a set of bills into law that specifically targets the sales of firearms within the state
  • Throughout the state, gun manufacturers cannot endanger the safety and health of the public through the importing, manufacturing, marketing, or sale of any product they offer
  • The second bill signed into law stops the sale or transfer of firearms to anyone who has been known to have an outstanding warrant for a serious offense or felony