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  • PODCAST: Ballistics, Penetration, & Stopping Power – Making sense of it all

    PODCAST: Ballistics, Penetration, & Stopping Power – Making sense of it all

    This is a broad overview of lethality and stopping power in ammunition, including information about stopping power and penetration   Why are bullets that penetrate less than 12 inches in Ballistic Gelatin considered ineffective? How does penetration factor into stopping power? Why are the benchmarks set so seemingly high? The Physics of Ballistics is weird. […]

  • Questions – Gun Politics: If Criminals Don’t Obey Gun Laws, why do they seem to obey laws about full auto weapons, grenades, and Destructive devices?

    If “criminals don’t listen to gun laws”, then why do they obey laws about fully automatic weapons, grenades, and other weapons? Aren’t the pro gun people just trying to make a convenient argument?   When a question is worded this way, it’s disingenuous at best. You aren’t made more clever by wording a question this […]

  • Podcast November 11, 2022 – How to prepare to service your AR-15 in the future

  • A practical varmint gun on the AR platform – variables to consider while building one

    Build an AR-15 Varmint Gun. The AR-15 platform is now considered one of the premium varminting platforms on the market, thanks to the wide availability of parts and components including game-changing upper receiver conversions which allow longer range, flatter shooting cartridges to be paired with the AR platform to take advantage of wind cutting ballistics […]

  • Industry News (Firearms) Week Ending 09-11-2021

    Anti-gun senators introduce bill to hold online gun markets responsible for illegal firearms sales Senators Dianne Feinstein (Calif.), Richard Blumethal (Conn.) and Sheldon Whitehouse (R.I.) have announced legislation to keep online gun marketplaces responsible for illegal gun sales that happen on their platforms This measure is called “The Accountability for Inline Firearms Marketplaces ACT  It […]

  • Legislative News (Firearms) Week Ending 09-04-2021

    New Texas Gun Laws to come into effect on September 1 Governor Greg Abbot of Texas has signed many gun-related legislative bills aside from the state’s new permitless carry law during the 2021 legislative session Most of the laws limit existing overreaches or loosen firearms restrictions like new laws permitting school marshals and hotel guests […]

  • Industry News (Firearms) Week Ending 09-04-2021

    Annual NRA meeting in Texas canceled due to COVID-19 concerns On August 24, The National Rifle Association announced that they canceled their annual meeting which had been set to be held on September 3, in Houston de to COVID-19 The meeting would have gone for 2 days from September 3rd to 5th where thousands would […]

  • Industry News (Firearms) Week Ending 08-28-2021

    NSSF and ATF offer reward for information on Guns and Grounds store burglary On August 23, the NSSF and the ATF have announced their conjunction to offer a reward of up to $2,000 for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the people responsible for the Guns and Grounds gun store burglary The […]

  • Legislative News (Firearms) Week Ending 08-28-2021

    Texas legislation to legalize Permitless Carry takes effect starting September 1 Texas Lawmakers have passed a bill that allows anyone who can legally own firearms to carry them in a holster while in public Texas is still requiring background checks when buying from a licensed dealer and the minimum age to own a handgun is […]

  • Shooting Glasses Lens Color Guide

    Which Lens Color makes the most sense for shooting glasses? We want to prove that lens color on shooting glasses can be a game changer. Using a systematic approach to improving potential outcomes, you can harness the spectrum of colors available for shooting glasses to improve your overall capabilities. In short: don’t doubt that lens […]

  • Shooting Glasses with Purple Lenses

    Purple lenses on shooting glasses? What? At first glance it might seem like a joke, but purple lenses on shooting glasses do make more sense than simply adding a color to a mold for the manufacturer. Purple glasses have very specific benefits and we hope to highlight those benefits well enough to help you understand […]

  • What Color Shooting Glasses for Sporting Clays and Trap Shooting

    What Color Shooting Glasses should you use for Shooting sports like Sporting Clays and Trap Shooting Every shooter is looking for an edge. In the case of competitive shooting sports, that edge can be minuscule and still make a major impact. Looking for advantages and improvements across the board is important. This article is about […]