Primary Arms celebrates national shooting sports month with a giveaway

  • In support of 2021’s National Shooting Sports Month, Primary Arms has volunteered to be the sponsor of +ONE Gearbox Giveaway
  • This giveaway encourages the welcoming of  newcomers to firearms by experienced hunters and target shooters 
  • The Primary Arms Gearbox includes 13 items with a total value of $2,863 

Gun rights advocacy group to grant 4,000 women with firearms lessons

  • A Detroit based gun rights advocacy group is currently holding their annual free firearms shooting lessons for any women interested in learning about personal protection and guns
  • These lessons are scheduled to be held at target ranges in Taylor near Detroit from August 21 & 22 where pre-registration is required
  • The founder of the advocacy group, Rick Ector hopes to provide gun lessons to as many as 4,000 women 

Anti-hunting groups look to ban transportation of harvested wild animals across state lines

  • Two Anti-hunting groups look to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Department of the Interior to publish a rule that would ban the transportation of harvested wild animals and most birds across state lines
  • The measure they propose on interstate transport not only applies to live animals, but also the meat, hide, horns, antlers, and skulls of harvested animals
  • The two groups are known as the Center for Biological Diversity and the Natural Resources Defense Council