Anti-firearm extremist Terry McAuliffe makes outrageous statement comparing guns to other activities

  • Last week, a Virginia Democrat gubernatorial nominee made an outrageous statement that compared firearms to voting
  • In his tweet, he said, “Call me crazy, but I think it should be easier to vote than to buy a gun.”
  • Gun activists see the major flaw in his comment where neither constitutionally protected rights should be easier than the other to exercise 
  • Along with this, gun and voting laws vary from state to state so implying that guns are easier to buy than to vote is considered outrageous

US Concealed Carry Association has passed 600,000 members 

  • In keeping up with the increasing demand for firearm ownership, the USCCA has finally surpassed 600,000 members with the second-highest sale of firearms ever in May
  • The USCCA is responsible for training owners of firearms on how to be responsible and safe
  • Currently, in 2021, the FBI has issued about 22.2 million background checks related to firearms which outpaces the previous record in 2020 with 39.7 million in a year