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See interesting questions and answers based on questions frequently asked by those inside and outside of the gun industry. These questions include product questions, political questions, controversial questions and others surrounding guns, the Second Amendment and other affiliated subjects.

This Month’s most popular Questions and Answers

If “criminals don’t listen to gun laws”, then why do they obey laws about fully automatic weapons, grenades, and other weapons? Aren’t the pro gun people just trying to make a convenient argument?

Why would people be afraid to register their guns? How will it actually hurt them?

What’s the most innovative company in the gun industry?

Why are some gun companies going out of business?

Where’s all the Ammunition at?

All questions and Answers

What are some larger cartridges belted? What is the purpose of the belt in a belted magnum cartridge?

What’s the point of a 9mm Revolver? Why would someone want a 9mm revolver?

What’s the best handgun under $500 for everyday concealed carry?

Why doesn’t Glock change their sights to all-metal?

The Founding Father’s couldn’t have possibly imagined guns being this destructive – isn’t it time to change the Second Amendment?

Why is Biden such a threat to gun rights in Conservative’s minds?

What was the first Polymer handgun?

Why haven’t their been any breakthrough’s in firearms and ammunition design recently?

What is the best personal defense gun for use in a home?