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We are content producers for our brand, but we are also a solution provider for the firearms industry. We Write World Class Gun-related and Firearms industry content.

NOTE: Clicking this button will send you to a different website not on this domain. We Partner at the highest level with the best content producers in the world via a Strategic Partner. We have a decade long affiliation with this company and we source 100% of our contracted writers from this company. This is for separation of branding and messaging only.

World Class Firearms and Gun-related Content Production

We write content online for our own websites. We also have more than 10 million words of content produced in the past 18 months for other companies and websites in the firearms industry. We provide contract services for brands, companies and the industry as a whole. No other single provider comes anywhere close to our volume, or our content quality. We produce truly world class, engaging content. We are dedicated ONLY to the firearms industry and Closely related industries (e.g. tactical gear, sport shooting hunting, edged weapons, 2A Politics, etc. )

Are you a writer that wants to get to the next level?

We have the most comprehensive training program in the world. It’s not even close. If you want to be the best firearms industry writer, working with us should be a priority. We partner with some of the strongest brands in the industry. Writers CLICK HERE to explore opportunities.

Are you building a brand or trying to get more traffic and conversion?

We write the best industry copy period. We write the highest quality content, period. We are also easier to manage and work with than hiring independent contractors and we don’t have the impact on payroll, resources and budgets that in-house talent does. We are based in the USA, and you get a dedicated Account Manager. We also have ZERO LEARNING CURVE and a quality guarantee. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. No questions asked. 

Want to cite an expert, or get unbiased information about the gun industry?

We have dozens of top level producers of content, editors and management level team leaders that oversee more than 150 content producers. We have a system so tight and peer-reviewed that when you work with us, you can be 100% certain you have gotten the true story. No armchair operators here. Just well-researched, compelling content. Our World Class training program can guarantee your brand’s success if you must retain in-house talent, and need help to craft that team into something special.

All media types for ALL of the Firearms Industry's content needs

We made our name on written content because historically that is what produces dollars in revenue. We write product descriptions, optimize blog content, and sales copy for online and offline needs, among other offerings. But we also produce content outside of written content, including production of podcasts, high-quality audio and Video, and we design bespoke internal programs for training, development and testing. We are a diversified producer of content and we are the most technologically advanced company in the contracted services arena for the firearms industry in content production. 

What is the Process?


You work together with a dedicated account professional to assess needs, and get information to ensure impact. We give you consulting and high level support while designing a plan for your success.

We have data - we've been doing this for a while

You get to leverage our information, expertise and experience in producing winning content from planning to implementation. We are not about to let you lose money if we have data that can show guaranteed success. Additionally, we know our limits and can consult free of conflict, based on proven processes and historical success, as well as massive investment in technology and human capital. No other provider has as diverse or capable a team of experts, consultants and proven winners in the gun industry from a content perspective. 

Craft a program that produces results

We use actionable insights from more than two decades in Firearms Content production to craft a program that is easily overseen by you and produces ROI.

We are your long-term partner

Once we have designed a program and it is running, we provide you with best in class analytics insights, content, future planning and ROI indicators. Not only can we provide this information, we can help to future proof your brand or business from a content perspective because of our dedication to understanding the industry. We are not a company that churns and burns our clients. We have contracts for decades, not days. No, fluff, no filler, just return on investment from our team.

Rest Assured, You’re Covered

We take risk management very seriously. Not only do we guarantee our work product, we also guarantee that we can fit into your content best practices model. If you want to stay Apolitical, we can do that. If you want to ensure we have legal concerns covered, we can do that. If you want to guarantee that your liability is minimized in your public facing customer outreach, we can help to shore up that program. We are the firearms industry experts and no one provider is even close. We have no competitors – only ourselves – because we are constantly improving and refining our processes and curating our talent pool.

Clicking here will take you to our strategic partner website. We are a vested partner in this venture and we source all of our writers from this venture. We are part of the same umbrella and this is a trusted resource. We separate our web presences for branding and messaging purposes. 

Why Choose Us

It’s simple really. We cost less than in-house talent and we offer less risk. We produce content that cannot be beat in the marketplace. We have the best resources in the industry. We are the industry leader by volume for a single provider. No other company has produced more content in the past 5 years than we have produced in the last 18 months. The decision is easy – if you need to win the internet in the firearms content game, we exist to show you how to do just that – under your rules, and by your best practices, but also with our insight and capabilities. 


Single point of contact for account needs


We are not an agency that caters to 20+ industries we carefully curate our client list


No other provider writes as many words as we do


Our lowest level writers receive more than 120 hours of training before they write their first production piece of content


Our "ALL-IN" Costs are lower than in-house talent or contractor management


Our team is the biggest in the industry


No less than 3-sets of expert level eyes are on your content before you receive it


We have 20,000 samples, Proven Contracts and Premium, Global Clients

No more worrying about deadlines, and settling for content that doesn't convert or speak to your audience.

CopyScape? We don't need it because we write content that hasn't been dared to be written before. We guarantee our uniqueness, accuracy and fact-checking. Period.

Top 3 in Google SERPs? We do that. Copy that sells product? We do that too. Content that gets your audience to become brand evangelists? Yup. Ask us what we can do for your brand or website footprint.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can you guarantee quality and value?

Value is easy. We guarantee it by being better than our competitors. We are. We are better than we were yesterday, even. Every single point of data that can help us improve is utilized in real-time because our team is built to take action on it.

Our team – now that’s how we can guarantee quality. We strictly vet writers, train them in a rigorous 120+ hour program to ensure they have knowledge of the industry at the expert level from a writing perspective, then we don’t allow a single word of content to go out of our company until it has had 3 different sets of expert level eyes on it that have approved the content. Some of our writers have more than 4000 hours of experience writing in the gun industry.

We hold our team to incredible standards. We constantly educate them and help them to progress. We also have a pipeline of talent that we develop for months and even years to ensure we can scale at a moment’s notice.

We have dedicated experts at every level, and we peer review our strategies and content programs to ensure that we can be the industry leader.

Our management team is made up of bona fide subject matter experts and those who are accomplished in their areas of expertise in real-world scenarios. The people we work with are legitimate professionals.


Do you charge for revisions?

We are rarely asked to revise content that has gone out, except for very occasionally on bespoke projects and specific media types where your input is more necessary to success than our input. We defer to your needs first, and when you need our expertise we will be there to tell you what we think.

No matter what, we don’t charge for revisions. You can request a revision at any time before you accept a deliverable. In some cases, we can revise a deliverable after you have made it live in the public arena. We can discuss needs in a consultation. We have three ways to do business with us from a content creation perspective:

  1. On a per-word rate basis with a set of governing protocols.
  2. As a flat project rate, based on a custom built program for content
  3. As a pre-configured content deliverable available on-the-fly at a set cost (e.g. a 1000 word blog post, a 500 word product description, etc.)

Option 1 and 2 are based on a custom program being built for your business or project.

Option 3 is available to anyone who wants great content with good turnaround time at a very good rate, but does not need long-term or custom built programs. You can order products like that at our shop area on this link that goes to a different website – our long-term strategic partner (separated for messaging and branding purposes only).


Do you guarantee SEO or Marketing success?

We do not, if you only have a relationship with us to produce content. If you are an SEO or marketing client, our strategic partner can offer some guarantees that focus around percentage increases in key metrics as established by you and us (through our partner – we are separated only by branding and core messaging).

Too many variables outside of content alone, drive ranking and indexing factors. The search engine marketing and SEO world is a complex, ever-changing landscape. What we can say is this: We guarantee to utilize best practices, and that there is no better content on the planet than what we will produce for you. Period. If you are not happy with our content we will fix it.



Do you white label content?

We can. We don’t tend to, because then we would be competing against ourselves. We offer a compelling service to firearms industry brands and websites, and we do not believe we have to compete with anyone, because our service offering is so advanced compared to the next closest competitor, that we feel supremely confident.  We are also not a typical agency, so we don’t compete for typical agency workloads.

But, we also realize that some agency and client relationships are going to be tied to contracts, and that loyalty is important. We can craft a conflict free arrangement, that will provide you iron-clad guarantees to help you service a large client should you want to outsource your agency’s content production and you have a key client in the firearms space. Otherwise, fair warning – we do better content than the rest of the world – so we are gunning for your firearm industry clients. 

Additional Information About Our Content Capabilities

You Guys seem a bit cocky…

We’ve been called worse things than “cocky”, but sure, we are absolutely confident that our products and services speaks for themselves. We have already helped many businesses in the firearms industry to increase their footprint through proper content, written in an engaging way that improves the bottom line. We would gladly play it cool, to show you we can let our work speak for itself, if that’s more your speed. But do, take a look, and see what your competitors have been raving about.  Want a sample? Request a consult and we will give you 1 of 20,000 previously performant content pieces, or request a unique, newly written sample today. 

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