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Click a link above to be taken to a curated page on the linked topic. The above links are pages with EXCLUSIVE content that we produce and own that push own core ideals and agendas. We are staunch, unflinching supporters of the 2nd Amendment. We may include links to other third party websites or services where we have a “channel of distribution”. We endeavor to ONLY present accurate, timely (and mostly timeless) content on the subjects we write about. If you believe there is an error, please contact us.

Find the best deals

We offer a robust selection of the latest deals, as they happen. These are from around the internet and feature in all areas of sporting and shooting markets.

Depth and Breadth aims to be the go-to firearms resource online. Forget about old school – check out the fusion between credible authors, high tech solutions, and constant improvement. We think we offer something no other gun website can. 

Certifiably Fresh

We aim to produce timeless content, but we also hate when things get stale, so we have a mandatory curation and revisement schedule led by dedicated professionals that know what kind of content really matters to gun people.  

Highly Credible

Not just a couple of guys who like guns. We consult to the industry on a daily basis. In fact, you’ve read our content before. Our authors have more than 5 million words in the gun industry OUTSIDE of this website. We have consulted to hundreds of businesses in various parts of the gun industry over the past 3 decades. 

Writers in the Gun Industry

Who are our writers?

Get to know our writers and follow their segments. You can even see their hot takes in head-to-head reviews, articles, and features.

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Ever wonder what a differing opinion might be, without having to go to ten different websites?

There isn’t only one way to build a home defense AR, or 3 best options for long range precision optics, or one take on the latest gun legislation. See multiple authors’ opinion on a given topic, on the same page with the same parameters. Check Out the GUNFIGHT! PAGE Now!

A topic, with multiple viewpoints. Seems like a good idea, right? So why hasn’t it been done before now?

We have all types of writers

If your content is good, and you are willing to push yourself to accomplish something great in the firearms industry, we are willing to publish your work. We know that past performance and accolades don’t necessarily predict present or future capabilities. 

Our writer’s write great content. Period. You may even find a new favorite author here. is building something different

We could be just like every other website on the internet with guns as a focus. But that’s no fun. We are consultants to the industry and the big companies don’t ask for tired, played out ideas. They want impact. 

We extend that methodology here too. We are building something special on ArmsCart. Our authors want to do something that isn’t being done online or offline anywhere else for guns, the Second Amendment, and the outdoor sporting industries. 

Get introduced to a fresh new roadmap for firearms on the internet.

Opinions, reviews, breaking news, deals, etc.

We offer a lot of different facets of the firearms industry on Our writers are well-versed on the different segments of the market, and they are seasoned, capable writers. 

You’re able to see a lot of different ideas in a single place from hunting to military to industry-specific topics, and beyond. We also cover the business of the gun business better than anyone online.  

Gun politics, not Partisan politics

A lot of gun-industry websites ignore gun politics on their web footprint. But that’s a dangerous precedent to set. If gun legislation gets too restrictive, there won’t be a gun industry to cover at some point.

We counter that concept by covering gun politics from multiple angles. Awareness of legislative action, and thoughtfulness in moving the industry forward are important aspects that can help to foster a strong industry.

So, for our content, we avoid just being an echo-chamber. That doesn’t mean we are contrarian or controversial – it just means we try to cover different opinions and source political writing from multiple sources. We invite you to get active in the discussion. Our writers are proud to showcase their opinions and are not afraid of giving their reasoning.

We do our best to allow for thoughtful discussion, without eroding the importance of the Second Amendment. 

How to write for us

Got a fresh take on the firearms industry or want to build an audience? We offer some interesting ways to work together. 

We have the best training & resources in the industry

Want to write about guns, related industries, or break into the top end of writers in the indsutry. We can help you do just that. 

Unique assignments, fair compensation

We can offer competitive compensation for writers, while giving access to some very interesting industry opportunities. 

Write for us, and get a chance to write for others

We have available work for writers who want to make a name for themselves in the firearms industry. We work with some of the largest firearms companies in the world – and we have plenty of work. So you can write for or write for one of our clients.

Mentorship and Networking

We are a group of thought-leaders and business consultants specializing in the gun industry. We can help put you in a position to grow with us or move forward in your career. 

Not the basics

We are growing the landscape of the firearms industry online. You don’t have to just do “best of” roundup articles, or firearms reviews. We aren’t just looking to impress google, we are writing for an engaged audience that wants new, interesting content. Come write with us and explore the possibilities. In fact – you can pitch us an idea, and even own the space if we work together on some unique concept going forward. 

Want something different?

Click here for something you haven’t seen before in the gun industry. We offer some cool featured sections that aren’t normal fare on firearms related websites. It’s not just re-hashed opinions here (though we do review and give opinions) – We offer unique content not available anywhere else.

Builds and Lists

Check out a curated list of builds for all types of sporting needs, not just the AR-15.

The Business side of Guns

We write content about the business, For BUSINESSES, in the gun business. We are, after all, Business people.

Get a feel for our unique firearms content

How many websites are offering a bulk of new content in audio format?

We think it’s important to get your information, even if you’re busy, or can’t be bothered with rooting through thousands of words to get the best parts. That’s part of why we prioritize audio content when possible. 

Oh you wrote another article about the 13 best charging handles for AR-15's?

We are looking for game-changing quality from our writers – pieces that are thought provoking and interesting. Sure we make bulk content too, but there are only about 8 really good charging handles currently on the market, and other websites are publishing the same article in different formats twice a month. The point? We don’t write the tired articles our competitors do. 

Why can't there be a differing opinion? It's not about red vs. blue, it's about guns.

Political content that makes you wonder why you would ever want to be part of an echo chamber website. For that matter, we make content that inspires you to ask questions and wonder about cool ways of accomplishing tasks. 

Logic is hard to find these days. But not here.

We engage with the audience to fix mistakes, have real conversations and produce the most accurate, highest quality content overall for any gun-related site anywhere. 

We invest more in tech and improvements of quality of life for the gun industry content consumer than any other content-driven website.

We are building from scratch, solutions that help you get more done while you’re online in the gun arena. We are pushing forward the idea of what a website can be for the gun industry. Got a cool concept? Pitch it to us, we are willing to listen – who knows – maybe we can make your killer app in the firearms industry a reality. Yes, you can see some of this on the website, but we also do it for companies we consult to in the firearms industry.  

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