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A central area for news that affects any facet of the industry we operate in. This news page may provide simple links to outside third party pages not owned or managed by ArmsCart. It may also include internal website page links to summaries or in-depth reporting on news as it happens, or contemporaneous events. We do not guarantee the accuracy of internal or external content. We also may remove links, alter links, or redirect links as needed to accomplish the goal of funneling the most important news stories to this page.

Furthermore, this page may include content or links to content that can be somewhat abstract, but has some semblance of a connection to the gun industry, shooting, hunting, regulation, the Second Amendment and associated industries, companies and entities. This may include links or content about military, private or public companies and world events that may otherwise be loosely connected to the core topics of this website. Please be aware that we hold the editorial standards on this page to a lesser standard in an effort to allow for breaking news to be available to readers. We reserve the right to remove inaccurate information or alter the content of the page and the links here.

Long Story short: we are not a news agency, and it is not our core functionality, but we may publish content or links related to news as it happens, even if we cannot verify sources completely. We will endeavor to keep this page as accurate as possible, but we make no guarantees to accuracy on this page and linked pages.