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Type of Anti-gunner: Politician; Administrative head Presidential Cabinet Level 

Name: Xavier Becerra

Why is this type of person, or this person specifically a threat?

Xavier Becerra’s nomination and subsequent approval to the head post in the Department of Health And Human Services is not a simple matter. It is perhaps the most important move that Joe Biden can make in his entire presidency to ensure more and broader gun control measures get placed.  

Xavier Becerra is unapologetically anti-gun, and he has successfully helped to turn California state into the hardest state in which to get a firearm. His selection was no mistake and it was premeditated for maximum effect. 

As the head of the HHS he has the power to enact changes that affect the information collection on gun ownership, and to wield extreme budgets at making it administratively more difficult to get and maintain possession of a legal firearm. Additionally under the mask of “mental health” he can make red flag laws a “legitimized” form of one-off gun control. He can also swing data sets easily though misleading research initiatives. 

What he COULD DO, is properly address legitimate health and human concerns by studying the mental health crisis, and utilizing that to improve the way existing gun laws are made more effective. THAT, while not 100% ideal to the overall cause of eliminating gun control measures, is a much more effective use of his power and tax dollars, and a more unbiased way to operate. Instead, he is likely to commission studies that skew data and use the cover of mental health to help enact MORE legislation. 

Cause gun storage and safety laws to be escalated to an annoying level and make compliance issues such that a law abiding citizen could be inadvertently made to be a felon through lack of understanding of initiatives and new administrative regulations. 

This position is a much more powerful one than that of his former position, especially when it comes to guns – he already wreaked havoc on California’s gun laws as the former Attorney General of California. This included repeated lawsuits that had little basis and which caused certain unconstitutional gun laws to be in place for years rather than being rightfully removed. 

Rating on how anti gun the person/entity is:

He is in the upper echelon of anti-gun personalities. As anti-gun as Diane Feinstein or Rahm Emanuel ever were.

How long has this person or entity been in public view?

He had been in public view, even on gun matters for decades as a Congressional representative, as early as 1993 or so (prior to that, even, in CA Assembly). More specifically he gained notoriety as a hardcore, immovable anti-gun figurehead as California’s Attorney general starting in 2017 – directly from his position as the Congressional Representative for the CA-34th district. 

Notable quotes/Initiatives or legislation/proposed legislation

Factory capacity magazine ban in California

(Roster of handguns Certified for Sale in California) Pistol List in California that prohibits sale of many mainstream handgun in the state

Feature legislation regarding modern sporting rifles in the state of CA

Various other ridiculous laws in California State related to firearms ownership by law abiding citizens

Associated players:

U.S. Department of HHS

U.S. Department of Justice

Activity trend-line:

Increasingly more anti-gun, with progressively more powerful positions and a broader canvas to work with. He is a primary figurehead in upcoming legislation, and administrative regulatory hurdles for The Second Amendment. 

Additional Notes:

Xavier Becerra is one of the most underrated threats to the Second Amendment in existence at the time of this writing. His position as a Cabinet head for the policy-influencing HHS, especially in the 2020-2022 environment (high gun sales, more media focused on gun violence, police reform and Mass societal health concerns), makes him especially dangerous and will allow him to steer “data backed” legislation that is neither backed by data, nor in the general purview of the Historic HHS administratively.