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Type of Anti-gunner: Individual Cartoonist syndicated 

Name: Stuart Carlson

Why is this type of person, or this person specifically a threat?

Cartoons and graphic design are powerful ways to distribute underlying meaning and strong sentiments without alienating viewers as heavily. In the case of Stuart Carlson, his work is a bit more hyperbolic than others in the same space (political cartoonists) – so it’s more about further maintaining the rhetoric than it is about convincing fringe observers who may eventually become proponents of gun control initiatives. 

That said, in an environment of school shootings on a weekly basis and sound-bite media, combined with an NRA that has shown some operational flaws increasingly of late, this stuff tends to write itself. It’s a problem because the gun control side tends to be less well-informed on the subject and is tied to the emotional aspect of the discussion more than anything typically. When you have that mentality, it can get strengthened significantly from constant echo-chamber-type reiteration through cartoons. 

Rating on how anti gun the person/entity is:

Carlson writes/draws a larger portion of his work in the gun politics space than most. He also tends to be more connected to areas that lean progressive on gun control issues (Milwaukee, with syndicated work appearing in New York Times and Washington Post, etc.). Dangerous because it creates a catalyst for already activist viewers.

How long has this person or entity been in public view?

In 1983, Stuart Carlson started his career with the Milwaukee Sentinel. He is currently syndicated with an opinion for a lot of progressive leaning media outlets, including Newsweek and the Washington Post, among others. The media outlets know exactly what they are getting with Carlson.

Notable quotes/Initiatives or legislation/proposed legislation

His statement is the platform he has for creating graphical media.

Associated players:

Washington Post, Newsweek, Playboy, Nightline, Barron’s, The New York Times, and associated publications

Activity trend-line:

While many of the core members of the anti-gun cartoonist group that started in the 1980’s have trended to producing gun-politics content less often, Carlson has seemingly been ramping up his rate of inclusion for the story line. He is also getting better at marketing himself online and sees some additional help form activist anti-gun social media savvy users. 

Additional Notes:

The upper Midwest, where Carlson is a heavy hitter in the genre, he is having a realistic impact on the anti-gun landscape there – where the nation perennially looks to for the decision of elections and the transition from red to blue. He is well entrenched in the anti-gun scene there and is clever enough to make a legitimate impact with his often over-the-top toons.