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Type of Anti-gunner: Individual Cartoonist syndicated 

Name: Steve Benson

Why is this type of person, or this person specifically a threat?

Cartoons and graphic design are powerful ways to distribute underlying meaning and strong sentiments without alienating viewers as heavily. Steve Benson has powerful graphical skills and smooth messaging and generally caters to the contrarian viewpoint in conservative geographical locations (Currently in Arizona). Pro-Gun advocates generally reside in more conservative enclaves. This makes Steve Benson feel like a threat to Second Amendment ideals. 

Furthermore, Steve Benson tends to straddle the line on Conservative vs. Progressive viewpoints – so while he may not typically adopt a negative stance against other mainstream controversial topics, his avoidance of drawing hardcore lines in the sand on other controversial topics makes him feel like someone you’d like to get a beer with (as a former member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, that beer is very likely to be on the table). That’s the danger of an anti-gun cartoonist that strategically selects their cartoon topic fodder. He is also a generally well-liked person who is well connected in the Southwest, especially with those that take moderate political positions that seem edgy..

Rating on how anti gun the person/entity is:

Seems credible to a mainstream observer, and can have impact on them by making public statements

How long has this person or entity been in public view?

When he was with the Arizona Republic he was in the public view weekly at least for several decades.

Notable quotes/Initiatives or legislation/proposed legislation

His statement is the platform he has for creating graphical media.

Associated players:

Currently employed by the Arizona Mirror 

Activity trend-line:

Interestingly, there seems to be too many other ridiculous topics in the news that guns take a back seat. His influence is currently stagnant to barely growing on the left, on that front.

Additional Notes:

He tends to trade in the more controversial circles nowadays, and, while he still has immense influence, it is not what it once was – especially since his move form the Arizona Republic. He is a talented cartoonist and offers a unique insight that becomes less unique day by day as more people attempt to stand out with their leap from moderate POV’s to extremism.