• Shooting Glasses Lens Color Guide

    Which Lens Color makes the most sense for shooting glasses? We want to prove that lens color on shooting glasses can be a game changer. Using a systematic approach to improving potential outcomes, you can harness the spectrum of colors available for shooting glasses to improve your overall capabilities. In short: don’t doubt that lens […]

  • Shooting Glasses with Purple Lenses

    Purple lenses on shooting glasses? What? At first glance it might seem like a joke, but purple lenses on shooting glasses do make more sense than simply adding a color to a mold for the manufacturer. Purple glasses have very specific benefits and we hope to highlight those benefits well enough to help you understand […]

  • What Color Shooting Glasses for Sporting Clays and Trap Shooting

    What Color Shooting Glasses should you use for Shooting sports like Sporting Clays and Trap Shooting Every shooter is looking for an edge. In the case of competitive shooting sports, that edge can be minuscule and still make a major impact. Looking for advantages and improvements across the board is important. This article is about […]